urban r+d Development Fee

0 - 1

Landowners apply to develop their land.

Sites have to be accessible, owned Freehold and free from any covenants or easements restricting development that you could build 1-9 homes on.

2 - 3

Subject to planning, a development SPV is formed to purchase the property from the Landowner and deliver the development through Work Stages 4-6 of the development process. The Landowner will be the 100% equity shareholder of the development SPV.

4 - 6

urban r+d manage the development process on behalf of the Landowner from inception through to project completion.

By employing urban r+d, Landowners gain access to Development Finance and End User marketplaces specific to design-led small site developments.


The first payment is the Planning Fee and is calculated as 2% of the Agreed Land Value


The second payment is the Completion Fee and is calculated as 25% of Development Profit Margin


Variable Completion Fee incentive to reduce Development Costs and increase Market Value

Work Stage 2-3 - Planning Process

Seed money for projects for 90% return subject to securing planning permission.

Work Stage 4-6 Development Finance

8-10% ROI secured against the land with planning permission for development.

Sustainable Investment

Each design considers embodied and whole-life carbon

Reliable Experience

Fund award-winning consultant teams and rigorous delivery processes.

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